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Application of activated carbon in industrial wastewater treatment

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1. Treatment of cyanide-containing sewage

In industrial production, industries such as gold and silver wet extraction, chemical fiber production, coking, ammonia synthesis, electroplating, and gas production all use cyanide or by-product cyanide, and a certain amount of cyanide-containing sewage must be discharged during the production process. . Activated carbon has been used to purify sewage for a long time, and there are more and more literature reports about its application in cyanide-containing sewage treatment.

2. Treatment of methanol-containing wastewater

Activated carbon can adsorb methanol, but its adsorption capacity is not strong, so it is only suitable for treating sewage with low methanol content. The project operation results show that activated carbon is used to treat sewage with low methanol content, and the COD of the mixed solution can be reduced from 40 mg/L to less than 12 mg/L, and the methanol removal rate can reach 93.16% ~100%. Meet the water quality requirements of the influent water of the desalinated water system of the reuse boiler.

3. Treatment of phenol-containing wastewater

Phenol-containing wastewater widely comes from petrochemical plants, resin plants, coking plants and oil refineries. Experiments have shown that activated carbon has good adsorption performance for phenol, but rising temperature is not conducive to adsorption and will reduce adsorption capacity, but increasing temperature can shorten the time to reach adsorption equilibrium. When activated carbon is used to treat phenol-containing wastewater, its dosage and adsorption time have optimal values. Under acidic and neutral conditions, the removal rate does not change much, but under strong alkaline conditions, the phenol removal rate drops sharply, and the more alkaline it is , The worse the adsorption effect.

4. Treatment of mercury-containing sewage

Activated carbon has the performance of adsorbing mercury and mercury-containing compounds, but its adsorption capacity is limited. It is only suitable for treating sewage with low mercury content. If it is treating sewage with high mercury content, it can be treated by chemical precipitation first (after treatment, the mercury content is about 1 mg/L, up to 2~3mg/L at high), and then use activated carbon for further treatment.

5. Treatment of chromium-containing sewage

Chromium is a large amount of metal raw material in electroplating. In sewage, hexavalent chromium exists in different forms with different pH. Therefore, the process of using activated carbon to treat chromium-containing sewage is the result of the comprehensive effects of activated carbon on Cr(VI) in solution, such as physical adsorption, chemical adsorption, and chemical reduction. Activated carbon treats chromium-containing sewage with stable adsorption performance, high treatment efficiency, low operating costs, and obvious economic benefits.

With the progress of science and technology and the special requirements of sewage treatment, the research of activated carbon has gradually developed from its own pore structure and specific surface area to the study of the effect of surface functional groups on the adsorption performance of activated carbon. It has been found that activated carbon not only has adsorption properties, but also exhibits catalytic properties. The catalytic oxidation method developed from this is now receiving increasing attention, and its research is also constantly deepening.

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