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Prevention and control measures for water pollution

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1. Protect our drinking water source. The water that enters the drainage system through the sewer will eventually enter our rivers and lakes, and most of it is untreated.

2. Don't discard the battery randomly. A button battery can pollute 600,000 liters of water.

3. Don't throw garbage into the toilet, including food residues, medicines, cooking oil, cigarette butts, sand, paint, paint, motor lubricants, motor oil, fertilizers or pesticides, cotton cloth and handkerchiefs. These substances will increase the difficulty of sewage treatment.

4. Don't throw cigarette butts into the water. Cigarette butts can release pollutants in the water, and it takes many years to degrade.

5. Choose household cleaning products that have less environmental impact, and try to choose natural cleaning products that can replace these detergents. Such as soda noodles and baking soda, these substances have less pollution to water.

6. Dry cleaners use chemical laundry methods, and the chemical products they use will cause great harm to the environment, so try to reduce the number of dry cleaning of clothes. If you can buy clothes that do not require dry cleaning, so much the better.

7. Do not dump sewage or discard garbage in water resources protection areas, reservoir areas, lakes and rivers; do not pile up garbage or dig ditches without permission; do not wash cars, raise animals or set up camps near the water; do not use any source of drinking water Bathe, swim or play in the ground.

8. Ensure that the waste generated by the car is properly disposed of. In addition, please try to choose environmentally friendly car cleaning products!

9. The earth is a great mother. To treat the earth well is to treat yourself well, because that is our root!

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