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There are several methods for sewage treatment equipment to treat sewage

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Nowadays, people often use sewage treatment equipment when dealing with domestic sewage or industrial wastewater. So, do you know what methods are available to treat sewage with this equipment? For this question, I will give you a specific answer below.

Let me talk to my friends first that there are many methods for sewage treatment, including physical methods, chemical methods, biological methods, and so on. Generally according to the classification of sewage treatment plants, it is generally divided into primary treatment, secondary treatment, advanced treatment, etc. I would like to remind everyone here that different selection methods depend on the quality of the influent water, the quality of the effluent, the area of the treatment facility, the investment, the cost and other requirements.

In short, the so-called physical method actually refers to filtration, precipitation, etc.; as for the chemical method, it usually refers to the coagulation precipitation method, such as the chemical phosphorus removal method; as for the biological method, simply speaking, it includes aerobic Treatment, anaerobic treatment, etc.

Besides, I would like to explain to you again. From the current situation, the activated sludge method is a typical aerobic treatment process. All netizens don’t know much about it. On this basis, delayed aeration, deep well aeration, AB method, oxidation ditch, AAO method and other processes have been derived. Wastewater treatment has also moved from simple color removal to organic pollutant removal to nitrogen and phosphorus removal. Correspondingly, various processes continue to appear combinations.

All in all, no matter what kind of sewage treatment method is used, the equipment needs to be operated in accordance with the corresponding requirements.

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