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How to do a good job in the cleaning of wastewater treatment equipment?

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Long-term use of wastewater treatment equipment will deposit some dirt. If it is not cleaned in time, normal operation will be affected. So how should the cleaning of wastewater treatment equipment be done?

1. Cleaning of integrated sewage treatment equipment: all sliding surfaces, screws, gears, racks, etc. There is no oil pollution and collision; no oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, or electricity leakage in all parts; waste garbage should be cleaned up.

2. Implement the principle of personal appointment and succession; understand the structure of the equipment, follow the operating procedures, use the equipment rationally, maintain the equipment carefully, and reduce the probability of accidents.

3. Implement a designated person responsible system. Things, workpieces, and accessories are neatly placed; safety protection is complete; pipelines are in good condition.

4. Refuel and change the oil on time, and the oil quality meets the requirements; the oil can, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum, oil line are cleaned thoroughly, the oil stains are bright, and the oil path is unblocked.

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