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    Jiangsu Xinke Group is a subsidiary of Jingjiang Jiuwang Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1978. It is a large-scale enterprise integrating scientific research and production. It is a company with Shanghai Tongji University School of Environmental Engineering, Nanjing University, and Shanghai Dayuan Environmental Technology Engineering Company. , Jiangsu University and other colleges and universities have jointly developed a number of national patents, which are listed as the new product trial production plan of the National Torch Plan by the province and ministry. Our factory is a professional factory engaged in environmentally friendly production, manufacturing, installation, and has a history of more than 40 years. At the same time, our factory designs and manufactures according to the non-standard projects of waste gas, waste water and dust removal treatment provided by users. We promise high efficiency, high quality, integrity, satisfaction, three waste management, and one-stop service for debugging.

    After more than ten years of research, the company has developed a variety of sulfur dioxide treatment equipment specifically for dust removal and tail gas emission in various smelting industries, especially for the country’s more difficult to treat (smelting of waste batteries) tail gas sulfur dioxide treatment patented products And meet the emission standards. At present, the sulfur dioxide that the company can process for any waste battery smelting can be within the 150 emission range specified by the country. Now our company promises to achieve online inspection within 100 (about 60). The company is now moving towards the goal within 30. Another invention patented product that has just been put on the market is a fully automatic low-temperature evaporation sodium sulfate crystallization high-salt concentration equipment. The company is based on the tenet of "integrity-based, superb quality", the equipment made of materials is imitating the special corrosion resistance of the United States, and can be used for about 20 years. Welcome the needs of new and old customers to create a beautiful home.

    Now Jiuwang people adhere to the tenet of "integrity-based, superb quality". The products are sold to dozens of large and medium-sized non-ferrous metallurgical enterprises, chemical groups, power systems and nuclear industry systems across the country, and some products are exported as a complete set Achieve good economic and social benefits.

    The people of Jiuwang are always inspiring, working hard, and endlessly, and will develop and produce newer, better, and more products on the market. To meet the needs of users and meet the needs of national economic development, our products have been well received by users all over the country.

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